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Family Law Mediation


Mediation is often an appropriate vehicle in family law matters to resolve the disputes between the couple with respect and kindness.

Ms. Cray is a trained mediator, and has served as a mediator for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California for over ten years. 

To achieve the best results in mediation, Ms. Cray will explore, among other things:

*Pre-mediation conferences with all attorneys and possibly participants as allowed by their counsel to explore the issues to be discussed, and the best possible environment for an effective session

*Consider location and scheduling as enhancing the success of mediation

*Consider obstacles to mediation and the best method to address those obstacles

*Consider the personal needs of counsel and the parties in the conduct of the mediation

*Ask for a review all materials which counsel and the parties feel should be considered before the mediation

Among things Ms. Cray will not do is require counsel and parties to stay late into the day or evening to try to compel a resolution.  However, Ms. Cray will stay late if that is the expressed desire of all counsel and parties.